Monday, 29 September 2014

My photo shoot with Millinery by Jen

Handmade silk flower
A couple of weekends ago I had the most fun day playing photographer on a photo shoot. It was the first photo shoot that I have ever done, as in one where it would be beneficial to get some decent, usable pictures by the end of it! I was using a much fancier camera than I normally use and when I got over being scared of breaking it I enjoyed playing the part of a paparazzo.

Handmade bead and sequin star band
 For those who know me it may come as a surprise that it didn't come naturally to direct the lovely model, I felt like I was being a right bossy pants. However, after a while, I got over that and was full of 'turn', 'twirl', 'look down', 'tilt head', 'smile', 'don't smile' etc! It was really interesting to me to find out ways for the camera, the model and the photographer to bring out the best in the glorious items which were being snapped. I really wanted to try and do them justice but I think that they speak for themselves.

Have you guessed what I was taking pictures of? There have been lots of clues!

Royal blue beret with bow trim
Yep! Hats!! Lots and lots of glorious handmade hats. I think this beret should be snapped up by Kate Middleton.

Red, white and blue
A patriotic number! Perfect for Jubilees, high days and holidays.

Breakfast at Tiffany's
The most fabulous shape. The missing piece to complete your New Look, assuming you already have a Dior Bar suit.

Navy cloche with flower
Super stylish and time period appropriate for this season of Downton Abbey. I love that programme. It is a shame that I hadn't been told before this photo shoot that I must go upstairs to take off my hat as Lady Mary does.

Felt leaves and a fabric covered button.
So. I bet you want to know why I was taking these pictures, and more importantly, who has made all these gorgeous hats?

Red flower with spotty button
Here she is! The very talented Jen! If you are in a hat styling fix you need to call her. Seriously. She knows how to arrange it on your head just so, so that both you and the hat look great. Much better than my general plonk it on and hope for the best approach.

My auntie and I dancing at my wedding
I got married nearly two years ago and my lovely friend Jen offered to make me a wedding hat. I was really touched and snapped up the offer and I received the most beautiful hat for my wedding day. It is made from pleated purple velvet and it has 3 vintage pearl buttons nestled in the pleats. There are three white feathers in a knot of braid and the same purple and gold braid trims the hat. I absolutely love it. Jen put it on a comb for me so that I could ram it into my hair (told you I wasn't gifted in hat styling) and it stayed put throughout the service, the reception and some mighty strenuous ceilidh dancing. My shoes couldn't hack it and had to come off but that wonderful hat had no such problems.

My wedding hat and bag
Here it is in close up and next to it is a bag that was a surprise gift. Jen kindly made me a vintage style bag using the same fabric and trim which was the perfect size and went beautifully with my dress.

Green tweed with a purple velvet bow
After four years studying millinery and having a life long love of hats Jen has decided to let her hats out into the world. Hooray! Our photo shoot provided images for her Etsy shop. Feel free to head over and check it out.

Navy heart pill box with felt bird
This heart shape is so cute and is a more unusual take on the traditional pill box shape.

Navy braid swirl.
A really pretty, classic look.

Purple beret
I love the shape and the colour of this purple beret. It even looks good from the back!

Red roses
Handmade ribbon roses. I think this hat would suit all manner of occasions.

I think I took over 300 photos, made Jen do lots of posing, drank several cups of tea, ate some tasty cake and it really was a fun day. I enjoyed getting to look at all the hats up close and looking at the shapes, trims and decorations in detail. If you want to keep up with Jen's adventures in hat making you can find her here.


  1. Absolutely beautiful hats, you really got some great shots. I have a healthy obsession with hats, and particularly like the bow beret, red, white and blue, and the cloche. I'm heading over to Etsy right now! Thanks.

    1. Good choices! I am starting to wear hats more and more. I will pass on your comments to Jen. She made the red, white and blue to go in an exhibition.

  2. Those hats are gorgeous and your photos really show them off to their best advantage.

  3. Those are some excellent hats, I've favourited her shots. What sort of camera were you using? I use a Fuji compact most of the time, but my husband's got a Canon SLR.

    1. Thanks very much Mim. I am ashamed to say that I don't know what the camera was as it was Jen's work one. I will ask her. It was much fancier than mine!