Sunday, 21 September 2014

Seven snaps for seven days - weeks thirty seven and thirty eight

I have put these two weeks together as I haven't taken many photos recently. I am not sure why, it seems that either nothing was very inspiring or I missed my opportunity. Here are the ones that I did manage to take.

Having fun playing with my niece. She is very interested in feet at the moment!

A lovely sunny dog walk with my sister and my niece.

Having lots of fun doing a photo shoot with a friend for secret projects that we are working on. All will be revealed soon!

I love seeing the leaves starting to change colour. So many lovely colours on this creeper.

I made apple and blueberry crumble using apples from the tree in our garden. I love using this vintage Pyrex dish.

Loss is Eternal - a sand sculpture at my local Town Hall that commemorates the First World War.

Soothing mint tea in some cheerful pottery.

Lazy Sunday afternoon sofa nest with the papers, magazines, a book and a cuppa!


  1. Ah, baby feet...I'd want to photograph those too. I adore that blue pyrex dish, it's fabulous. x

    1. I have photos of her hands and feet from when she was born at regular intervals. They just amaze me. I was pleased to find that dish, haven't found any more of that pattern yet sadly!