Sunday, 18 May 2014

Would you like to come to my 1930's party?

My blog is two years old today! So, in celebration of this I wondered if you would like to come to my birthday party?

I have spent the day preparing.

I have chosen and arranged the flowers as part of the decorations. There are also streamers and balloons. I made and embroidered my apron.

I looked through my crockery cupboards to choose a tea set and looked through my embroidered tablecloths to find the best match.

I made the final decisions on the menu (to be revealed later) and prepped the food as far as possible.

From Pinterest
I also stocked up on tomato soup, it is on trend and as a hostess I am unafraid!

It is time to get myself ready.

After much indecision and a prolonged trying on session I have opted for the outfit on the top left. Glamorous yet comfortable, suitable for the evening's activities!

It is time for my party to begin, I am so excited!

Welcome everybody, do come in. The martinis are mixed and the big band music is on.

Come and meet your fellow guests - and check out their outfits!

Glad to see you sitting down and chatting.

Comparing fashion notes.

You are always encouraged to bring your knitting to my parties. Find yourself a spot with some like minded souls.

For those not knitting I thought we could play some games. I consulted my book 'The Home Entertainer' to find out what is new and fashionable. I thought we could try some indoor athletics so I have put you in teams. Get ready for:

Running high squeal - each competitor runs from the starting line to the middle of the room, then sings a very low and a very high note. The biggest jump wins.

Putting the weight - throwing ballooons, the one who throws farthest wins.

Walking relay - each person in the team walks heel to toe along a set course. See picture.

Lifting weights - see who can lift the highest number of dried peas from a saucer just by using matches, in a set time.

Light weight boxing - two at a time take part in knock out bouts. Each has a matchbox balanced on the back of their left hand. Boxing is done with the right hand. The first to drop the matchbox looses.

Lemon golf - use walking sticks to hit lemons into the circular paper 'holes' laid out on the floor.

Orange battle - each player has a desert spoon in each hand. The orange is balanced on the left spoon, the right spoon is used to protect your orange and to upset your opponent's orange.

I see we have some winners. Please come forward and collect your prizes!

I am feeling quite exhausted after all that hilarity and activity. My sporting activity is over for the evening. Please help yourselves to more cocktails (do try the tomato juice ones) or a cup of tea if that is more your style.

Food is served: rolled sandwiches of watercress, crab or cream cheese, caviar puffs, olives, chicken mousse, petite fours and birthday cake of course!

The music is on, we have rolled back the carpet, let the dancing begin.

Thanks for coming and helping me celebrate everyone.


  1. Happy Blogging Anniversary! What a fun post! :)

  2. Happy Blogging Anniversary! Love the lemon ball game:) Enjoyed the party:)) I wonder when Bridge was invented? This would be a fun event for a party too:) Loved looking at all these illustrations.

    1. Thanks for coming to my party Joanna. There are instructions for Bridge in my Home Entertainer book, it sounded complicated! I think it would be fun but I would need someone to teach me!

  3. Congratulations! It was a great party!

  4. congratulations, my favorite decade and a lovely party

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