Sunday, 6 April 2014

Seven snaps for seven days - fourteen

Laughing with my husband at our dog's antics. He is hanging off the sofa after play fighting.

Another fabulous Crafty Tuesday with an Easter focus- my finished egg cosy.

A marvellous set of finds from the local second hand market. Embroidered linens, crochet and vintage pillow cases.

I just threw this fruit into this bowl as I couldn't find a space for it and was then taken by the shapes and colours.

Having a good laugh with friends at this shoe/sock combination that happened during a shoe trying on before buying session.

Wonderful textures of bark and moss on a tree. Found during a lovely woodland walk with friends.

Marvelling at my friend's amazing colourful, stripey blanket during a fun knitting afternoon.


  1. Aww, your pup has one fabulously cute canine nose - not mention an enviable shade of flaxen fur that I think many ladies would happily sport on their heads. :) I wish we lived nearby and could get our dogs together for a play date. Annie is the most sociable, friendly, playful thing imaginable and would likely become fast BBFs with your darling dog.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. That would be so much fun! Alfy loves playing with other dogs, he is really friendly and loves chasing and bouncing around! He has such an expressive face, he often looks like he is really understanding everything you say and is thinking about his answer! Dogs are such great companions!

  3. That knitted blanket is really gorgeous, so many vivid colours. And what a great vintage haul there, those embroidered linens and so pretty. I have such a weakness for them, I buy them without any clue what to do with them. x

    1. The blanket is made with 5 of the bright MillaMia colours plus a variegated yarn whose name escapes me at the moment! I have way more embroidered linens than I can ever use but I can't bear to see them languishing on a stall or in a charity shop when someone put in so many hours of work to make them.