Friday, 4 April 2014

Crafty Tuesday - egg cosies

Crafty Tuesdays came about some months ago when some friends and I decided that we would like to make some Christmas cards. We had so much fun, and so enjoyed adding some extra crafting into our week that we decided to make it a monthly thing. We tend to choose a theme, often seasonal, scout about for inspiration and patterns, use Pinterest to share ideas and then turn up at one of our houses with a bag full of fabric, yarn, needles, pins, thread, card, glue dots, scissors and ribbon and get crafty. We generally have a pizza and a chat, get done to some crafting, have tea and cake and do some more. This is how Crafty Tuesday's were born.

I realised after last week's Crafty Tuesday that although I have shared the results of these sessions in my Seven Snaps series and in the Simple Christmas cards post I have never shown one in it's entirety. So welcome to our Easter themed Crafty Tuesday where we made egg cosies. We are aware that they are, in essence, totally unnecessary, but they are pretty, cute, make nice gifts, quick and fun. So we don't care about necessity!

The original plan was to make felt egg cosies and to decorate them. This is M with her hot pink felt going straight into cutting it out with no template! Mantra - you can always cut it smaller but can't make it bigger.

J was inspired by some egg shaped felt decorations and decided to make her own version but turn it into a brooch. She cut out her shapes and appliqued them onto her egg shape. It was going to be stuffed and a brooch back attached.

I was all up for making felt cosies until I found this pattern in a knitting magazine. Then I decided that I needed these. This caused consternation to K, who fell in love with the woolly stripes whilst having lots of felt cosy plans.

I raided my stash beforehand and then chose my yarn from the pile I had bought along with me.

K decided to go with the knitted cosy and raided M's yarn stash without seeing my colour choices. Bit of a 'whoa' moment as they are freakishly similar.

M pinned her cosy into shape and tried it over the egg cup containing a creme egg that she had thoughtfully prepared earlier.

Stripes! My cosy in progress.

The past few Crafty Tuesdays have been interrupted ( in a good way) for The Great British Sewing Bee as we are all avid watchers. This week it also involved a bit of a house swap. Crafty Tuesday was at M's house. Her television is normal sized to small. M lives a few doors down from K. Her television is normal to large. So at 8pm we gathered up our craft projects (not necessarily what we had been making) and nipped out to K's house. We did laugh as we scuttled down the street without our shoes properly on, trailing yarn.

We love the Great British Sewing Bee. The final is on Tuesday. Very excited!

K had made a yummy pineapple upside down cake. Old school pudding's are just the best. We continued with our alternate craft projects. We had to do this so that GBSB could get our full attention!

J hand stitching her Regency style apron, made without a pattern! Clever! She was getting it ready for a re-enactment event. M was knitting a lovely sock. K was knitting cute heart bunting. I was knitting my cosy.

A lovely cuppa! Crafting is so very often fuelled by tea. (and cake, but we won't go into that)!

GBSB finished we packed up and went back to M's. This is my finished cosy before being stitched together and before the darning in of those pesky yarn ends.

M's finished felt cosy. It is decorated with a strip of polka dot fabric, cut out with pinking shears and tied in a bow. So jolly!

My finished cosy! I was very pleased with its woolly stripeyness.

The top of the cosy is stitched together to create this pretty effect.

I can't wait for the the next instalment of Crafty Tuesday!


  1. Very, very darling egg cosies! With Easter just around the bend (how can that be? Weren't we just hanging Christmas decorations and roasting the turkey?) again, this is certainly the perfect craft for April.

    Big hugs & happy Monday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I know just what you mean, how can it be almost Easter time already?! This year seems to be going past very quickly. One of the reasons I enjoy Crafty Tuesday is we do often do seasonal crafts and it helps me to stay in the moment and appreciate the differences of every month. Hope you had a lovely weekend and have a marvellous week.

  2. Crafty Tuesday sounds awesome. I get together with a friend to knit every once in a while, but that's about it.

    Sewing Bee final tonight! I'm really looking forward to it too - my husband really likes it, which surprised me, but I think he enjoys the technical side of it. Are you rooting for anyone in particular?

    1. I really wanted Chinelo to win! I have been so impressed by her draping skills and by what she produces without using a pattern. Heather was my second choice, whilst
      I wouldn't want to wear that dress it was amazing. I couldn't believe that Tamara thought it was ok to use a glue gun in couture week! Did you have a favourite?

  3. What a gorgeous idea and a great crafty Tuesday!! xx

    1. Thank you. It was such fun. I am looking forward to our next one.