Friday, 15 August 2014

More vintage wedding photographs part four

I thought that it was about time to take a look at some more vintage wedding photographs as I have managed to add a few more to my collection. For others, take a look at these posts hereherehere and here.

This is such a lovely 1920's bridal party. All the women are in cloche hats, all of which are different. The men are all in three piece suits. The man on the left has his jacket open and it is just possible to make out the fob of his pocket watch. It also looks like his trousers may be a smidgen too short for him. The bride looks great in her pretty dress which looks to have silk circles appliqued around the hem and neckline. She is wearing a double strand of pearls. The bridesmaid on the right has the best shoes, t-bars with cut outs and a great heel height. She looks very similar to the bride, I think they must be sisters.

This is the bridesmaid on the left in the first picture. I was so pleased to find a second picture from this wedding. As she is standing in this photo we get a much clearer view of her outfit, such a pretty floaty dress with a handkerchief hem and sleeves. The print is floral, stylised poppies in several colours I think, with sprays of leaves that look like the foliage in the bouquets. Her hat is double layered, a sheer layer under a net/lace/straw outer. She is wearing a fine chain with diamante type jewels.

Moving on to the 1930's.

I would very much like her outfit! At first I thought it was a two piece but on closer inspection I think it is a dress made of some kind of herringbone weave material. It has fantastically huge buttons, I can't decide if they are flowers or clusters of gems. They are great though, they add glamour to an otherwise plain outfit. Topped off by a very lovely hat. Is she the bride? I don't think so but is part of the bridal party maybe. Mother of the bride? I would love to know.

Look at the groom's super shiny topper! He is wearing a tailcoat with a lighter coloured waistcoat underneath and has very fine pinstripes on his trousers and his carrying his white gloves. The bride has a beautiful floor length lace veil and an amazing paper/floral headpiece. I can't see much of her dress as the massive bouquet is in the way! She is also carrying a lucky horseshoe. They both look so very happy, great smiles!

I think this photograph is from the early 1940's.

Another wonderful set of floral print attired bridesmaids. The print looks like bunches of roses and chrysanthemums. The dresses have Peter Pan collars and sleeves which are puffed at the shoulders and gathered down the arm. They are all wearing a floral headband. The detail I like most about their outfits is the poesy of felt flowers pinned at the throat in the join of the collar. So pretty!

The bride is wearing a dress made from beautiful lace and has a double layer veil in two lengths. She looks to be wearing a heart shaped locket. The groom is wearing a marvellous pin stripe suit with a paisley tie. Snappy dresser! The woman on the right is wearing a dress worth a second look. I like the contrast stripe at the edge of the crossover front. There is floral applique on each shoulder which matches that on her cummerbund style belt. I would rather like that dress for myself. I am guessing but think that she is the bride's mother and the bridesmaid sat in front of her is the bride's little sister.

Here we have a wartime wedding. The bride is wearing a two piece suit which looks to be made from velvet and is very simple in design. Her headpiece looks like it may be made from ruched velvet, it is very pretty. She is carrying a lucky horseshoe. The men are all in three piece suits, the one on the left appears to be plain and the other two are pinstriped. The man on the right is holding gloves inside his hat.

I know that these two are called Jack and Gwendoline as I bought this photo and the next from a relative of theirs who had several copies of these photos. It is so nice to talk to someone who knew all about the people in the picture and to find out some things about them. Another wartime wedding here with Gwendoline in a two piece suit which has more detail in it's cut then the one in the previous photo. I like the curved pocket detail. She is wearing a triple strand of pearls and her corsage looks to be made from three orchids. I really like her hat which has some veiling and a double rose bloom detail. Jack is in a three piece suit and is wearing a stripey tie. I think it is such a lovely photograph.

This is Tony and Irene. Tony is Gwendoline's brother and he used to tease her, saying that she had fat legs, and always called her Jumbo! What a lovely brother! If you look at the previous photo I think you will agree that there is nothing out of the ordinary about Gwendoline's legs so I hope she didn't have a complex after being called Jumbo.

Irene is wearing a very simple but beautiful V necked dress with a ruched bodice, long sleeves and a long lace trimmed veil. She is wearing a triple strand of pearls. Her hair flowers look like lilies. Irene is carrying a massive bouquet of red carnations, ferns and heather and is holding a lucky horseshoe.

Tony is wearing pinstriped trousers with a dark jacket, a white shirt and a checked tie. He is carrying white gloves. he has obviously taken great care of his hair!

I think this next photo is either from the late 1940's or the early 1950's, probably the later.

I like this photo of a very happy couple posing outside the church which in my head, is a tiny countryside church. The bride is wearing a dress with a shirt like, long sleeved, wide collared bodice and a flared, floor length skirt. The dress material looks interesting, it has a raised/embossed pattern on it, I can't tell what that pattern is sadly. The bride's veil is almost floor length and where it is attached to her hair she has curved sprays of flowers which are really pretty.

The groom is in a dark tailcoat, a lighter waistcoat, a white shirt and pinstriped trousers. He is really grinning at the camera!

The final photograph is from the 1950's.

This looks like the parents of the bride and groom with the best man, bridesmaid, flower girl and page boy. It isn't possible to see much detail of either the bride or groom's outfits. The bride does appear to have a long veil, long sleeves and to be carrying lucky horseshoes. I really like the bridesmaid's dress, with it's wide skirt and it's pretty shawl style neckline. The page boy seems to be chuckling away to himself!

That is it from my latest vintage wedding photograph findings. There will be another post when I have managed to track down some more!


  1. Ooohh, Kate dear, these are positively gorgeous! I love that you shared another splendid batch of vintage wedding snaps with us. Most people tend to associate the end of summer with the general end of wedding season, but I was a fall bride (I always knew I wanted to be) and love to see things that remind me of my own special day as the seasons begin to change hands once again.

    I'm feeling under the weather today (tummy bug - uck!), but these perked me right up. Thank you!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I hope you are feeling better now Jessica, how horrid for you. I'm glad that the photos helped cheer you up a little. It is really interesting that you were an autumn bride - I was too! We got married in October 2012. I wasn't at all interested in a summer wedding as I really enjoy autumn as a season.

  2. This is so wonderful to see! I love vintage wedding photographs as everyone is dressed at their best and excited:) So lovely to see the different style changes and thank you for pointing out details in these lovely events:)

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Joanna, I am glad that you enjoyed looking at the photos. I love trying to spot all the little dress details etc.

  3. Oh my! I love those pictures! Especially the first three!

    1. The first three are good ones, glad you liked them Anthea.

  4. I love looking at old photos like these, thanks for sharing xx