Sunday, 23 March 2014

Seven snaps for seven days - twelve

Learning how to make balloon model dogs at the 3rd birthday party of my Women's Institute.

Getting honked at by hungry geese whilst walking my dog.

Glorious Spring day, branches making beautiful shapes against the blue sky.

One cheerful daffodil and a shaft of sunlight brightening up a very dull patch of ground.

Vintage china and a hand knitted tea cosy making for the perfect restorative cuppa in my friend's lovely shop after Boxercise.

The beautiful ceiling at the venue for my friend's 40th. Great music, company, cake, dancing and curry.

Fun afternoon at patchwork group. My little pile of hexagons has grown a bit larger!


  1. Wow, where was the venue for your friend's party? That ceiling is amazing!

    Also, of all the things I've ever pictured the WI doing, making balloon animals is not one of them... It looks fun.

    1. The ceiling is just the most impressive that I have ever seen. It is in the town hall in Todmorden, a small town in West Yorkshire.

      The balloons were fun, my WI is a new one and we do lots of fun things, from 1940's stroll dancing to gin tasting!

  2. Those balloon animals are adorable! I couldn't even tell you the last time I held one of them in my hands. Surely, it's been a decade or maybe even 15 years at this point. Is it tricky to learn how to make them?

    Big hugs & the happiest of weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I have to say that I found it a bit tricky but many people got the hang of it straight away and produced several dogs, then flowers with leaves and also some hearts! Apparently there are good tutorials on the web. My poor little dog is slowly deflating!

      I hope you had a fabulous weekend, I did thanks!

  3. Ok, I am now rapidly changing my ideas on what my local WI might have to offer! I've never been, although I'd like to go. Yours sounds like a lot of fun. x

    1. My WI is fun and I have met some great people through it. It counts as one of the 'new wave' WI's which have a more modern approach and a wider, generally younger age range whilst appreciating the great stuff the WI has done. We set ours up three years ago as there wasn't one in the area and a bunch of us were interested. I would give yours a go. I know there are several 'new wave' WI's in the West Yorkshire area.