Sunday, 16 March 2014

Seven snaps for seven days - eleven

Beautiful sunny spring day for a long walk. This monument is 1300 feet above sea level, 120 feet high and was built in the 1856 to commemorate one of Napoleon's defeats.

Cream and jam scones and lemon cake and tea. Yummy. Lovely evening with friends knitting and watching The Great British Sewing Bee.

Fun trip out to The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester to see a great production of Orlando.

A very friendly robin greeting my sister, my niece and I.

Still enjoying the scent and colours of my hyacinths.

Really lovely family get together. Fabulous present - a tile with my niece's prints on.

Lots of knitting happening.


  1. Replies
    1. So cute! Also, so brave, we got really quite close to it.

  2. Your spread for tea looks and sounds so wonderfully tasty! Scones are one of my favourite baked goods ever. I went through a phase in my mid-teen years when they were almost the only thing I wanted to eat for breakfast for a while (with some fruit, jam, or yogurt), so I was baking a fresh batch two or thee times a week. They (scones) are also a very springtime-y food to me and I look forward to whipping some GF ones up this year to celebrate the season.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Sounds like a lovely breakfast and it is so nice to eat them fresh out of the oven. These particular scones were great. I actually find them really tricky to make, they are one area of baking that I just can't get right! So I am always glad to eat other people's yummy efforts!

    2. Have you tried making them in a pie dish (or similar shaped pan)? Instead of creating lots of little scones, make one big scone "pie", with score marks on the raw dough (to make cutting easier once they're cooking) before it goes in the oven. This is a somewhat common way of making them here in Canada/American and how I often did it during my scone spree back in my teen years.

      ♥ Jessica

    3. Thanks for sharing that idea with me Jessica, I have never thought of doing that. Next time I make scones I will try out your way.