Sunday, 1 December 2013

More vintage wedding photographs part two.

A few weeks ago I made a great find, all thanks to a friend. She had seen a couple of large vintage photographs on a market stall which I had missed and had to have when I went to look at them. Whilst paying I was in conversation with the seller who pointed me in the direction of the stall behind him. When I asked the seller there about vintage photographs she opened a trunk! That is right, a trunk! I had a very happy time going through the piles in that trunk, and had a hard time choosing my final selection, many of which will feature on here at some point. All today's photos are from that trunk. Thanks to my friend who kindly waited for me to finish despite the freezing weather and who held my dog's lead for a bit so I could have two free hands for treasure hunting!

Here is today's first lovely bride. This is Joy, married September the 4th 1937. I love it when the photos have details written on their backs. If you look closely you can see that her dress has pretty lace inserts in the skirt. It is a very demure dress with the high neck, long sleeves and floor length skirt. I think the hat sets it off perfectly. I like the simplicity against the massive bouquet.

I am glad that we can see Joy's face a little more clearly here. We also get a good view of her lucky horseshoe. The bridesmaid's dresses appear to be lace with cute little collars and a row of tiny buttons down their centres. I like their posies, they appear to have large central flowers surrounded by a shaped paper cuff. Lovely hairstyles and headpieces too. The groom is very dapper, he is holding his white gloves in his free hand.

I was very pleased to find these two as both the bride and groom are wearing glasses! Read more about my favourite brides in glasses in this post. I think this dates from the 1940s. The bride is wearing a beautiful, long sleeved lace dress with a ruffle at the neck. Her veil is a stunning floor length one with an embroidered border. Her hair piece appears to be made from the same fabric as the dress. The groom as lovely striped trousers and a stripy tie. His shoes have a fantastic shine!

This looks to me like a mother and daughter waiting outside their front door with the bride's bouquet. I was hoping to match it to one of the brides in this set of photos but it is not quite right for any of them. Sadly, there is no way of knowing what was going on but I really like the photo. I think it is from the early 1940s. I love the daughter's dress, especially the trim around the border and the neckline. It looks like it may be embroidered. I think it is the pair of jaunty hats which really draw the eye in this photo.

Look at this lovely couple getting married in wartime. Also, another bride in glasses! The third thing that pleased me was that I found four of this couple's wedding photographs, it is so nice to have a set to look through. Obviously the groom is in uniform, with his cap tucked under his lapel?, and the bride is wearing what is probably her best suit. The two black patches look like applique in an inverted rain drop shape. Each nestles between two spirals of fabric decoration. Possibly they may be fur as may be her hat, making them all match together nicely.

Here they are with their tiny flower girl and one set of parents. The flower girl is wearing a dress trimmed at the cuffs and collar with either fur or something like angora. Look at the massive bow in her hair! The parents are very smart in their suits. The mothers has fur patches at the hips and the collar ties with beautiful fur pom poms. I have taken quite a liking to her handbag. I love ones with a top clasp opening, probably as I have happy memories of my grandma clicking hers open in the car to hand around sweets!

I love this group one. I think there are two sets of grandparents in here too. Everyone looks so smart and happy. I think it is a lovely photo. I wish I knew the names of this couple.

I have saved the best one of this group for last! This tinted photo is still in it's paper presentation mount so I had the joy of opening it up and finding this beauty. Assuming the colours are reasonably accurate gives a real feel for what they really looked like. I keep looking at it, I think it is gorgeous.

Moving into the 1950's for the next two couples. This is such a super photo, how very traditional wedding! Look at the groom's topper and waistcoat and slicked back hair. I can't begin to imagine how much net is in that bride's big dress but it looks amazing all stood out. The top two thirds is lace and it looks like she has a long sleeved bolero on. You can just see the string of pearls around her neck. Here it is obvious how fashions have changed from the previous decades, much shorter veil, much smaller bouquet, much bigger dress.

Isn't she a lovely bride in a gorgeous dress?! This picture was also inside a paper presentation mount so I was very excited as I looked inside. It is nice to see a side view to see more details of the dress, including how wide it is at the bottom. From here it is obvious that she does have a bolero on. I wish we knew what the bodice looked like underneath.

This next photograph is the last one from this set. All the rest of the pictures from the trunk are of things other than weddings so I will come back to them at a later date. I am not going to say much about this picture as I think it speaks for itself. I think the photographer has done a great job at capturing this couple's joy on their wedding day.


  1. Oh what wonderful photographs. Thank you for sharing them. All these wonderful brides. I love looking at all the different style hats too. My mother had a lucky horseshoe too when she got married. It's been lost somewhere along the way.

    1. The hats and headpieces are wonderful aren't they? My mum had a lucky horseshoe too, I think she still has it, I must check. When I got married she put some of her wedding cake decorations in a decoration of mine which was so lovely to have.

  2. I love those photographs! Those bouquets where amazing in those days! And huge! And the colored one is just the cherry on the top!

    Great find!

    1. Glad you liked the coloured one, it really did make my day! I wonder how some of the tiny brides managed to carry those massive bouquets!

  3. These so, so wonderfully lovely. They make me think - if someone hasn't already - how awesome it would be to collect (buy, be given, etc) vintage wedding photos from around the world and to compose them into a big book, perhaps with background stories on any that the author had them for. I'd buy a book like that in a heartbeat!

    Big hugs (the first from my new computer :)),
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hooray for the new computer! I would buy that book too, what an amazing idea! Imagine how much fun and how interesting the research would be. Lets write it Jessica!