Sunday, 5 November 2017

An autumn walk - Digley Reservoir

Did you catch that glimpse? The sun on the water sending sparkles through the trees. The tall straight pines hiding it from view.

As you come round the bend the trees have formed a frame for a tantalising view of the water. That will have to suffice for now.

Turning away from the water there are views of sunlit fields.

Blue skies, stone walls, turning leaves, lengthening shadows.

A path leading onwards.

Past a stone barn, moorland, cloud.

Heather moorland and cloughs to be discovered.

Looking back up the grassy path. What lies at the bottom?

Listen. Water rushing past the rickety bridge at the bottom of the clough.


Take a deep breath and cross over.

Climbing up. Looking back. Old stones in shadow. A home?

A stop at the crest of the hill. Looking back on the route so far.

A heather bed.

The view.

Onwards. The path becomes a stream. Clim upwards. Water, mud, sun, glare, slip, repeat.

Nature tamed.

A face made of clouds. A return to the water.

Grasses, bracken, a dry stone wall, a lone tree.

Getting closer.

Deep water. Head of the dam.

A final look before heading home.

There is a version of this walk on the Yorkshire Water site.

I so enjoyed my walk today. It was a perfect autumn day, bright, light, beautiful colours, cool and sharp. Grassy paths, stony lanes, moorland, woods, water, short sharp climbs, views, mud. Glorious.

A super day out with my fabulous walking companions. Big thanks to Caroline for having way more sense then me and keeping a spare hat in her car boot. How, as a knitter, an owner of many a hat and a long time resident of West Yorkshire, I could let a sunny day persuade me that it wouldn't be woolly hat weather on the moors I do not know.


  1. What a wonderful walk! The views are just gorgeous!
    The Artyologist

  2. Oh, what a lovely walk. I hope you had time for a good cuppa after all that rambling.

    1. We went for Sunday lunch afterwards so it finished it off nicely!

  3. I so need a holiday! Glorious is the right word for this walk, it looks so beautiful.

    1. Hope you get a holiday soon! It really was wonderful.

  4. WOW so beautiful! Thank you for taking us along on such a wonderful walk. Makes my walking locations look boring lol!

    1. Mine don't always look this stunning but I am lucky to live in a beautiful area for walking.