Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Victoria's costumes and my outfit snaps.

I took you on a tour of Harewood House in my previous post. Harewood was used as a set for the ITV series Victoria, which is well worth catching up on if you haven't seen it. It focussed on Victoria as a princess and how her life changed as she first became queen and then married Albert. Some of the costumes from the programme are on display in the house until the 29th October and are worth seeing if you need to find another reason to go for a visit!

Formal day dress of Lady Portman, a lady in waiting
and the daughter of the 2nd Earl of Harewood.
A day dress and a state evening dress for the
Duchess of Sutherland.
Evening dress for the Duchess of Sutherland.
She was Victoria's friend and Mistress of the Robes.
Evening dress for Queen Victoria. Worn in the title
sequence for each episode.
A pre coronation dress for Victoria, used in simple
evening scenes to look young and innocent.

Queen Victoria's coronation gown, based on the design
of the original coronation gown. It is made of gold silk
damask, digitally printed and embroidered with symbols
representing the United Kingdom.
A dress for Queen Victoria, worn when she meets Albert
for the first time.
Queen Victoria's betrothal dress, worn when she
proposed to Albert.
Queen Victoria's evening dress, worn in later episodes
when she was married to Albert.
Some pretty fancy frocks there!

And now for something completely different and far less fancy......what I wore on my day out!

You might be able to tell that I was terrified here. I only managed to stand on the first stepping stone and that was a step too far for me!

Not quite on Victoria's level but cool and comfortable for a hot sunny day of exploring. Look at my sleeves! I intended to wear the top tucked in with a belt but frankly it was too hot. I was determined to wear my newly purchased short shorts before my 40th birthday. I will still be wearing them afterwards of course.

Outfit details.
Gingham top - Marks and Spencer
Denim shorts - Vivien of Holloway
Shoes - Hotter
Bag - vintage from an antiques centre.


  1. I bet these costumes were wonderful to look at in detail. I probably would've been there all day! I would really love to be a costume designer and seeing someone else's work would be amazing. Did it say if they were made especially for the show or were original restored pieces? I'm assuming they're new, but you never know :)

    I can't believe you'll be 40 next year, I thought you were about 10 years younger than me! You look fabulous, my dear xx

    1. It would be amazing to be a costume designer, what a great job! These were made for the series but based on originals. Thank you for your kind words on being 40! I am 40 now and it is fine so far!!

  2. I'd have been terrified of those stepping stones too - one slip and you could end up with nasty bruises or a broken ankle. You were very brave.

    Those dresses are lovely. Such a different shape to the late Victorian ones - such volume in the sleeves.

    1. I don't know a whole lot about Victorian fashions so I enjoyed getting a good look at these lovely outfits.

  3. I love your outfit - the gingham and sleeve details are great. Maybe I will be brave enough to wear short shorts this summer! Also, you can't be approaching 40! Really?

    The costumes are so lovely. The colours are so rich and dreamy. I was very keen on Victorian era clothes once and one day I'd love to make some historical outfits again (better ones now I can sew better!)

    1. Get out the short shorts! So much cooler on a hot day! Although we haven't had many hot enough since then. Yep, I am really 40! I don't feel it but it is true!

  4. How fantastic to see the costumes in such a glorious setting! Really getting the whole feel for it!

    1. The setting was an added bonus! Looking forward to the second series.

  5. I love your gingham top!
    Also, this looks like it would be a fun place to tour- thanks for sharing these photos for those of us who live far, far away from places like these :)

    1. Thank you Nicole. One of the things I love about blogs is seeing places and things that I am not that likely to get to visit so I'm happy to oblige!

  6. WOW those dresses are gorgeous! Love :)

    And your gingham top is too cute for words! You look wonderful :)

  7. what a great exbibit and you look so cute