Friday, 21 April 2017

Tweed, tartan and tapestry

A few Saturdays ago I went on a little outing to a neighbouring town with a friend who gets as much joy from all the crafty things as I do. We get a bit squeaky with excitement. We were most excited to be going along to the Beyond Measure Open Day. If you haven't come across Beyond Measure yet and you like beautiful things to help you in your making and doing then you really are in for a treat. Grace, the owner, was opening her studio for the day and the opportunity to handle some of the lovely goodies, plus the chance to spend our leftover spending money from Edinburgh Yarn Festival, could not be missed!

Beyond Measure is housed in a fabulous old mill type building with lots of industrial architectural details and interiors to look at.

Lovely old staircase
I love a bit of peeling paint
Light switch
We had a really good look at everything in the studio, a really good look and a little fondle and a stroke here and there. There was a lovely atmosphere and it was good to chat with fellow craft fans and make new friends. There was a cafe set up in one corner and we took full advantage of that (who said we had two of the oh so delicious cakes?!), whilst pondering what our purchases were to be.

Pretty Tulip needles
Fantastic storage jars
Trimmings and bindings
Pretty tins of haberdashery
Love these little chaps by Eleanor Bostrom. My friend may have taken one home!
All the colours in the embroidery threads.
Gorgeous tweed just waiting to be made into lovely things.
More tweedy goodness.
One of these fab knitting bags came home with me.
You can probably see that it was time for tough decisions. I got a very cute thimble necklace and a wooden sewing needle holder to keep my yarn needles safe in my knitting bag. I just realised I don't have a photo of them as yet.

If you are wondering where the tapestry and tartan of the title are - they formed the main part of my outfit.

One of my Welsh tapestry handbags. This one has lots of mustard and teal in it which meant I really couldn't resist it.

My tartan skirt is from good old M&S and is a) orange, b) wool, c) lined and d)warm. It has had a lot of wear since I bought it in the sale in January. My local charity shops have had a dearth of old lady tartan skirts so this filled a gap in my wardrobe.

My preciousss
My fabulous sewing machine brooch was a gift from my in laws and it and others like it are stocked by Beyond Measure. I should say here that this is not a sponsored post, I just love lovely stuff.

Thanks for taking my outfit pictures Karen.


  1. What a lovely outing. Such sweet little bits and pieces to investigate. And cake is always welcome!

  2. Oh I want all the pretty pins and trims and tweed! A self-control-issue place for sure. I also love your sewing machine brooch and outfit. I still have to work out what to do with my bits of welsh tapestry!

    1. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Welsh tapestry.

  3. I love Beyond Measure's website, everything looks so inviting but then I think 'do I really need that?'. The problem is it's all so cute and they've photographed everything so beautifully! It would've been hard to restrain myself at an open day.

    Love the bag, but then you know I'm a sucker for Welsh tapestry. It looks love with your outfit. xx

    1. Thank you. It was very hard indeed to be restrained!

  4. You look adorable (best brooch ever!)! What a cool event, I really enjoyed being able to "feel" part of it, even though I am so far away :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very cool! I love the brooch, and it sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    1. It was great thanks. The brooch is one of a range of haberdashery brooches and I want them all!

  6. What a gorgeous shop! No wonder you were getting squeaky with excitement :)
    And lovely outfit too! That's great there was so many plaid skirts lately to choose from.