Tuesday, 28 February 2017

2017 knitting wish list - 1960's-1970's

Clearly this year's knitting wish list is not nearly long enough so after going through my 1930's-1950's patterns I thought that I had better round things off and pull out my wish list from the 1960's and 1970's too. These are not always my preferred eras but I do find things that I would really like to knit from them. In particular, the 1960's knits have a good range of summer appropriate tops, something that I have discussed with another 1960's knits fan Crinoline Robot.

I really like the styling on this pattern before we even get to the knitwear and look at her glorious hair. This lovely little lacy top would be perfect for a summer's day.

We might as well look at all the lacy summer tops first. I haven't narrowed down my favourites yet which is why there are quite a few in the list. I like the way the lace carries on into the hem on these two.

This is called a harebell shell which sounds fabulous and I do like the harebell stitch pattern. The neckline is good too. It has styling potential for the 1950's so that would make it a versatile wardrobe addition.

Lee Target were obviously on a lace shell top roll in this year as this is very similar to pattern number two, just a different lace pattern. I still like it though.

I love this one. Who doesn't need a knitted poodle jumper in their wardrobe?!

I'm particularly taken with the orange jumper on the right. I really like the deep rib and the interesting stitch pattern. I think with careful styling this jumper could work in a 1940's outfit too.

I must deal with my hankering for a tank top soon and just knit myself some. I like the slip stitch pattern of this one and can see it working in many colour combinations as well as this fantastic monochrome one. Check out those blouse sleeves too.

I am after making myself the perfect Aran jumper or cardigan and I have a number of patterns to choose from. The one on the left is a strong contender. I even have two bags of Millamia aran in ochre stashed away ready to knit the perfect Aran when it is found!

I don't have very many (any?) jumpers as I am usually all about the cardigans. I think there may be a jumper shaped hole in my knitwear drawer and this might be just the thing to fill it. It finishes nicely on the waist, has interest in the lace panels and has a raglan sleeve.

I could also do with a fairly plain cardigan but I never put that very high up the list when there are all the fancy stitch cardigans to be knitted. Then I found this lovely ribbed Mary Quant number and suddenly a plain cardigan is looking quite likely.

One thing I love about 1960's knitwear are these fabulous skirt and jumper outfits. I think knitting a skirt might a) try my patience and b) not be flattering but I really like the look and would like to try it out. The cables on this skirt would relieve the tedium of miles and miles of stocking stitch too. Though I'm not knocking miles and miles of stocking stitch, that is good for watching films, inducing a calm state and knitting and talking/drinking/eating cake/all three at the same time.

A variation on the set above. I like the striped skirt but am not sure it would look so flattering. I do like the fact that you can have a matching hat and scarf to go with your jumper though.

So many fabulous patterns and not enough knitting time! I wonder what I will have made by the end of the year, if any?!

Next weekend I am off to Edinburgh Yarn Festival with a lovely group of friends. It is massively exciting and there will be many yarn shopping opportunities. I have been saving up and now I have kind of narrowed down my pattern choices I will know what to look out for! I am supposed to not get sidetracked by yarn that I don't have a plan for so I will see how that goes! Wish me luck!


  1. Some fabulous patterns here! I don't know that much about eras of knitwear, but some of them definitely look like they would work for 40s or 50s as well. The harebell shell is my favourite, but the colour may be swaying my opinion there!

    1. There are some great patterns in the era. That is a lovely colour!

  2. I love the blue harebell shell jumper, that could easily be used in a 1930s outfit. I also love the pink raglan sleeve jumper too, you can't beat a simple round neck jumper. The green one my mum's friend knitted me is definitely one of my favourite items of knitwear.
    Have an amazing time at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, it's probably a good thing it's so far away from me! Good luck in resisting impulse buys! xx

    1. I did better than I expected at not spending at Edinburgh, in fact I was a little disappointed by my restraint! The shell jumper is very tempting!

  3. I love them all particularly the sweater with the poodle I cant resist anything with a poodle on it

    1. I thought that you might enjoy the poodle one!

  4. Those matching 60s sets are brilliant. So much knitting, but they'd be worth it.

    I really like that orange jumper too; that sort of skinny knit is just what I'm looking for to go with skirts.

    1. I will have one of those matching sets one day!! If you want the pattern for the orange jumper just let me know.