Tuesday, 20 December 2016

More 1900's town at Beamish.

Shall we jump back on the tram for a further look at the 1900's town? Catch up with the previous post    about the town here.

Get settled down at the table
Here we have the pub, The Sun Inn, on the left, ready for you to pop in for a cosy pint. The square gateway leads to the stables and coach yard. In the green fronted building the stationers is downstairs and the printers, where you can watch type setting in action, is located above.

The stationers window
Horses being shod in the stable yard.
Inside the printers
Inside the stationers.

On the side wall of the printers.
Advertising sign in the form of a thermometer.
On this side of the road we can also visit the sweet shop so I think maybe we should pop in. If we are lucky we will get to see sweets being made, and maybe even get a taster.

The window display is tempting.
Making traditional local sweets

As we cross the road we go past the Beamish Motor and Cycle Works and have a little daydream about a fabulous new car. Then we come to a little parade of shops run by the Co-operative Society.

The window displays are very exciting: groceries, hardware, kitchenware, china, haberdashery, furs, shirts and bonnets. Pretty much everything that you could need. I think we should take a look inside at the grocery, drapery and hardware departments.

A large choice of groceries

The ornate till
Fabric in the haberdashery
Cotton, darning wool, crochet and knitting wool.
A coat in the drapers
Lino in the hardware shop
I think we better leave the Co-op Stores in case we spend all our money. We could head to Herron's Bakery for a little snack.

Beautiful stained glass windows.
Warm and welcoming in the bakery with marvellous smells.
The bakers at work
Now we have seen most of the shops in the town. There is also the bank and the masonic hall, then the solicitors, dentist and music teachers all located in Ravensworth Terrace. I think we will save these for another time.


  1. Wow, two posts in two days! I love the photos of the drapers, I would find that hard to walk away from without stuffing something up my jumper!! :) xx

    1. The drapers was a dream. There is lots more but it wouldn't photograph well because the light levels are low. Can you tell I'm trying to catch up before the end of the year?!

  2. What a gorgeous little town! I'd love to pay a visit, it looks so beautifully scenic.
    Zella Maybe

    1. I think you would really enjoy it, there is so much to see.

  3. that coat is amazing and the town looks wonderful a trip back in time

  4. Amazing. I love those shelving units in the grocer and the haberdashery. I could do with one of those.

    1. I would like those shelves too. Brilliant for fabric and wool!

  5. I am definitely putting this place on my must visit list! Thank you for the tour! It looks like such an amazing place to wander around and take photographs. Do they get a lot of crews for period dramas wanting to film there?

    1. I think they do get used for period dramas a fair bit. I think that you would really enjoy a visit!

  6. Ooooh, that lino is spectacular! A far cry from the imitation wood/marble stuff.