Monday, 19 September 2016

A beautiful bungalow

As it has been another hot day today, reminiscent of late July weather, and as it isn't officially Autumn until later this week, I thought that right now is the last chance to talk about my summer holiday. I shared some snapshots of the Isle of Wight here and I now want to show some pictures of where I stayed.

I booked a bungalow on a 1960's built small holiday park through Vintage Vacations. It is located about 20 minutes walk outside Ventnor. I can't see the bungalow on their website at the moment, I hope that doesn't mean that they no longer own it. Vintage Vacations own several holiday properties on the island, all of which look interesting, and they have a field of Airstream caravans (which might need to be another holiday!).

The bungalow doesn't look like all that much from the outside, but inside it is decorated in a blend of vintage/retro/secondhand/granny chic splendour. I just loved it! I somehow neglected to photograph the bathroom or the third bedroom but here are all the best bits!

You enter straight into the lounge.

The sofas are covered in a patchwork of old fabrics and are so very comfortable.

This is on the other side of the front door.

Retro phone!

Cosy spot and a place to eat.

Pretty little details.

Looking through to the kitchen.

Fantastic 1950's style kitchen units. I think one was original and the others reproduction.

Wall cabinet in the kitchen.

Cabinet details.

In the main bedroom.

Great curtains.

Dressing table companion!

The second bedroom.

More great fabrics.

Patchwork runner close up.

Very smart dressing table!

Decorative touches.

The outside. A little shabby around the edges and not much hint of the fabulousness within! Happy memories! It was a really super holiday home.


  1. Oh that is so cute! What a lovely place to stay. It is so adorable and cosy looking. I love a holiday place that really feels like home when you come back to it.

  2. What a fun place to stay! And how cool is it that a site like Vintage Vacations even exists? It looks like they did right by you - the house is beautiful, and I love the mid-century details, but it also looks like a really comfortable and cozy place to spend some time away from home.

  3. What a fabulous kitsch chic bungalow! I love all the clashing colours and patterns that somehow all come together. I've looked at Vintage Vacations before and featured The Mission on my blog a couple of years ago as I really wanted to go and stay there. If I ever go to the IoW again I will definitely check them out first. xx

  4. ITs all so cute! I love the black cat and th3e checkered floor

  5. What an awesomely charming home away from home! I love the eclectic decor and abundance of natural light - plus, how pretty are those blue glass vases? And the dressing table couldn't be more covetable. :)

    Big hugs & joyful start of autumn wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* With the Canada Post strike hoopla finally (knock wood) behind us and having returned from our recent holiday to Edmonton, I was finally able to post of your birthday parcel for this year a few days ago (last Saturday). I hope that it hops over the pond in a flash and helps to bring some (extended) b-day joy your way. ♥

  6. So cute! The choices on their site are all so lovely, I quite fancied staying in one of the caravans, we even planned to a few years back, but sadly it never happened x

  7. That's a dinky little bungalow! I really fancy staying in one of their caravans; they look lovely.

  8. Absolutely charming! I'd live like that in a heartbeat :)

  9. ohhh how fun!! Such a charming little place to enjoy a nice getaway. Enjoy!

    Liz :)

  10. Oh it's amazing! Vintage holiday cottages, who knew? I'm going to google them now and have a look. The attention to detail is really exceptional, thank you for sharing all your photos with us.