Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Fashions of 1923

My friend has a fabulous collection of paper ephemera, maps, old books, old ledgers, magazines, catalogues, letters, comics etc, some of which she uses in her beautiful works made from paper. You can view some of her work here: A thousand paper wishes. Do take a look, she makes gorgeous things.

A while ago she lent me a catalogue and a couple of magazines that she thought I might be interested in, which she found in a flea market and were too beautiful to cut up. They are all French, two of which feature the fashions of 1923 and one which features fashions of 1912. I thought we could look at the 1923 ones today.

Le Petit Echo de la Mode was a weekly French fashion magazine founded in 1879. The last issue was published in 1983. If you are interested in fashion history take a look at this site which has a collection of these magazine covers to browse through. The 1940's and 1950's ones are really beautiful.

The dress on the far right is called Papillon. I love the large bow at the back and how the the material of the skirt is repeated in the sleeves.

These are, from left, Esmeralda, Huberte, Martine and Claude. Martine is the one for me, I like the two plain bands of ribbon and then the long, sweeping feathers.

On the second row on the far left is some sort of house dress/robe/dressing gown. I would feel very glamorous in this.

I would have the one on the right, I like the scalloped edging and the sun hat.

I particularly like all three dresses at the bottom of the page but if I had to choose just one it would be Jeannette, in the middle. I like the way the plain fabric at the sides drapes away to show that lovely print.

The colour illustrations are especially beautiful. The rust coloured dress with the sailor tie neck and all the fabulous fringing does it for me. If I was a small child I would have that cherry print dress like a shot.

These are all a bit marvellous. However, mustard dress with mustard shows and a print parasol is mine!

I think it would have to be the green suit, especially if I could have the accessories as the hat and bag are gorgeous.

 Not that keen on either of these outfits but it is a lovely illustration.

With a name like Highlander I have to choose the one on the left!

A little knitted jacket. I can't follow a French pattern but I think the instructions are all there.

I must be having a thing about print as I like the outfit in the middle the most. It looks very comfortable yet stylish.

The chrysanthemum covered robe please!

Any of the three on the right would do for me.

I like the suit on the far right, plain with patterned lapels, cuffs and band round the jacket bottom.

If you are in the mood for more 1920's fashions take a look at my Pinterest board.


  1. Wow! This is indeed too beautiful to cut up!

    1. The illustrations are just gorgeous aren't they!?

  2. Yes, much too interesting to cut up! They all look so prim and buttoned up, don't they? Maybe it's the clothes making them look that way. They could all do with a large gin and tonic. x

    1. They do look a bit prim and proper, quite a contrast to the 1920's flapper that we all have in our minds. Bet she had several large gin and tonics!

  3. These are seriously gorgeous! Oh my word, thank goodness she (or anyone!) didn't take scissors to them. That would be a sincere travesty in my books (assuming of course that they were't in tatters and cutting out salvage bits and parts here and there was the only way to keep any of the magazine "alive"), as IMO, it's nearly always best to leave vintage (whatever the item may be) intact.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. They are gorgeous aren't they!? They are in very good condition given their age, I was terrified of damaging them! I tend to agree with you, I prefer to leave vintage items intact too.

  4. they are gorgeous the 20s are one of my absolute favorite periods

    retro rover

  5. I am really interested in 1920's fashions even though it is not the period of clothing that I want to wear. I just like how the clothes were so freeing after all those corsets and bustles!