Sunday, 19 January 2014

Seven snaps for seven days - three

It has been quite a mixed week with some lovely moments and some less lovely (currently on day 19 of no heating or hot water)! Still, at least we do not have extremes of weather like snow or floods to go with it.

I love this picture of my sister and my niece. I met them for tea and cake (and cuddles)! My niece is modelling some of her growing knitwear collection. Her hat is part of a 1950's pram suit knitted by my mum, I knitted her cardigan from a 1950's pattern.

These are some of the results of Crafty Tuesday, a lovely craft night with friends. We were making cards and knitting; having fun cutting and sticking and chatting.

Enjoying the roaring of the river whilst on a walk with my dog.

Starting a new knitting project, a 1950's cabled hood. I do like knitting a cable, this looks so cosy.

Surrounded by beautiful, glowing colours in my friend's haberdashery.

One of a series of murals telling the story of wool by Henry Marvell Carr. They start at the shearing of a sheep, through processes such as spinning, dying, weaving and finishing. They are on display in Salts Mill, Saltaire and were commissioned by them in the 1950s. I met my friend and her daughter there.

All the ingredients for hosting the first session of a patchwork group. A group of friends, sharing know how, tea, cake, fabric and sewing equipment. Lots and lots of inspiration, heads buzzing with ideas, projects being planned.


  1. How nice :) I wish I had crafty friends... I would love to meet up with others and have cake and tea while knitting or otherwise. Do share a picture of your hood when it's done, it looks fab ;)

    1. I will share a picture of my hood although it might take a while. It is in 4 ply and I can't seem to get the cable pattern in my head so I am very slow!

      I do feel very lucky to have a group of crafty friends, it is such a joy to meet up and make things. Maybe you should try card making or something that is simple to start with your friends over tea and cake. I have found that even people who are very sure that they are not creative can enjoy a simple craft with enough inspiration and help. And cake of course!

  2. Oooh, I adore the rainbow of thread and the vintage photo murals. I love these glimpses of your world that you're sharing with us, dear Kate. They've inspired me to start a new post series this year. Starting from the end of this winter onward, at the end of each season, I'm planning to do a post recapping some of my favourite Instagram photos that I've taken during the past three months and share them on my blog, for those who may not be on Instagram and/or following me there. The first one will go up at the end of the winter and I'm quite looking forward to it. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration.

    Big hugs & very happy Monday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I do like the sound of your new post series, it is a great way to recap the past quarter of the year. I think it will be quite fascinating. For those of us who are not on Instagram it will be a special treat!